Dec 10, 2012

The Many Benefits of Mung Bean Sprouts

my home-grown mung bean sprouts
mung bean sprouts drained
Mung bean sprouts just may be one of the healthiest and most budget-friendly foods you can have. I credit my Korean friends once more for introducing me to this food. Not that I’ve never heard about mung bean sprouts before, it’s just that they were the ones who opened my eyes to the many benefits of mung bean sprouts.
Mung bean sprouts are a mainstay in most Korean diets. While Filipinos add in moringa leaves last to most soups and stews, Koreans add in mung bean sprouts to theirs. They also sneak mung bean sprouts into their omelets, noodles and stir-fried veggies. In the meals my Korean friends shared with me, mung bean sprouts are almost always present. They are the crunchy elements of their dishes.
Mung bean sprouts are easy to grow. I made mine by just soaking a handful of mung seeds in water for about 3 to 4 days. Just make sure you replace the water every morning and try not to disturb the germinating babies so much. I grew my mung bean sprouts in a tray with holes for easy and gentle draining of water. You’ll be amazed at just how easy and cheap these sprouts are. A handful of mung seeds would give you about a cup of sprouts. You can grow a soil-less garden all year round with just a bag of mung seeds.
Mung bean sprouts are tasty in a mild, nutty and unobtrusive way. They blend well with most ingredients as their mild flavor does not interfere with other tastes. They add a lovely crunch to most dishes. Here is my favorite way of using mung bean sprouts: stir-fried with whole corn kernels, peas, green beans and red bell peppers.

stir-fried mung bean sprouts, corn, carrots and peas

Mung bean sprouts, as the Koreans have shown, are one of the most versatile foods around. You can beat mung bean sprouts with eggs to make a most healthful and crunchy scrambled egg or you can add them to your chop suey or stir-fried vegetables. They can be eaten raw, too, as what most Asians do. Some have even used mung bean sprouts as toppings for burgers.
Mung bean sprouts are cheap. If you don’t have the time or the interest to grow your own mung bean sprouts, the comfort is that you can buy mung bean sprouts from the fresh market or grocery. They come cheap as well, though growing your own is certainly much cheaper.
Mung bean sprouts keep well. They are best kept in paper bags in the ref, ready for salads and quick stir-fries anytime.
Mung bean sprouts are the dieter’s best friend. They are low in calories and yet so filling.  A cup of mung bean sprouts only has a sixth of the calories of a cup of rice yet packs power-filling fiber.
Mung bean sprouts are good for hypertensives. Their fiber density coupled with very low sodium content and high potassium content make them superb foods to combat high blood pressure.
Mung bean sprouts abound in nutrients. A cup gives you 25% of your daily needs for Vitamin C and 15% for folic acid. They are said to have pure forms of Vitamins A, B, C and E. They also have the important minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron. Plus they have an abundance of live enzymes by virtue of their germinating nature.


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