Jan 29, 2013

eHealth.ph -- Finally, a Health Portal in the Philippines

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I rejoice over the official establishment of eHealth, the first online community on health issues in the Philippines. As a health and wellness blogger, or simply as a Filipina mom, I have long wished for a one-stop site which would serve as an online community and authoritative source of health news and information which specifically affect the Philippines.
Enter eHealth Philippines which describes itself as “an internet-linked community where people can interact with each other on specific health issues, topics and at the same time have access to the research databases, journal articles, advisories and other health-related information.”
I strongly suggest all Filipino health and wellness bloggers, health professionals, medical researchers and health-conscious Filipinos to visit and be part of this very helpful site. I have just registered, and though some functionalities of the site are not working yet, I am nonetheless thrilled that such a health portal is now in existence.
Currently trending now is the first blog entry on “Experiences and Studies on Tawa-tawa as a Medicinal Plant for Dengue” This was the topic on the first forum held on January 22, 2013. Also trending is a summary on the SARS outbreak in the Philippines. You see, the site is up to date and tailored to the Philippines. I expect the site to fill up soon with health finds and findings such as those concerning VCO, tawa-tawa (folkloric dengue cure which has been clinically found to up platelet levels in hemorrghagic dengue patients), lagundi (folkloric cough remedy), Momordica charantia  or ampalaya(anti-diabetic), etc.
eHealth.ph is a collaboration of the Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC) of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) and the Philippine Council for Health Research and Dvelopment (PCHRD).  Though introduced way back in 1998 and revamped in 2003, the site was deactivated in 2008 due to some problems. It is now resurrected as eHealth.ph and will hopefully thrive even as it is now being supported by the public, private and civil sectors alike.
So what’s in it for you? The eHealth.ph website will notify you of important events, give you an opportunity to take part (or just read) online forums on any topic of interest and give you access to completed and ongoing health researches. It even allows you to ask a doctor online if you or your kids ever come down with alarming symptoms.
So what are you waiting for? Visit eHealth.ph now. Oh, and by the way, if you take a few minutes to answer a short survey there (I could vouch that it takes no more than a minute), you could get the chance to win a gift card worth $100.


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