Feb 8, 2013

Guest Post: Things to Consider Before Undergoing Eye Care Surgery

(The following is a guest post which outlines the points of consideration for those who are contemplating on having eye surgery.)
The eyes are considered to be the more important parts of the body, those which help people see clearly the world around them. Common diseases like cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment and uveitis can impair sight and sometimes lead to total loss of vision. In olden days, due to obsolete technology, treatment of eye disorders was very difficult. Nowadays, because of latest equipment and technology, surgeries are well-known methods for treatment of vision ailments.
Ophthalmologists use techniques like Laser, Lasik and Radial Keratotomy depending on the severity of the condition. Having good equipment is not enough, though. An expert is required to conduct the surgery. The above eye problems can be rectified by undergoing certain surgeries which can give relief to the patient. Such surgeries are critical since they are performed on the most delicate parts of the body.
Certain things are to be kept in mind before going for an eye operation.

Review the following points with your doctor to dispel your doubts:

  • What is the success rate of the doctor?
  • Who got operated by the doctor?
  • How many operations has the doctor done?
  • How many operations of the same type has he conducted?
  • How many years of experience does he have?
  • Ask the doctor for at least 10 references and contact these references to check on the doctor’s claims.
  • Clarify whether or not pregnant ladies can undergo eye surgery.

Verify the advertisements.
Generally, when you search for eye specialists, you always go for the top doctors who can perform well. It is advised not to do so based solely on advertisement, whether by radio or TV, without proper investigation, as they may be fake. Just because he is receiving publicity doesn’t mean he is a qualified doctor.

Take some precautionary measures.

  • Make sure that the surgery suggested by the doctor is the right one. To confirm, seek second opinion.
  • Be in touch with the doctor on a regular basis to be updated about your condition or ailment.
  • Find out if there is any risk involved with the surgery.
  • Discuss about the advantages and the side effects of the operation.
  • Clarify whether this type of operation would require some kind of health insurance coverage.
  • Discuss with your doctor regarding the recovery period and other precautions to be taken after the surgery.
  • Ask him about the cost involved.

Consider these points before getting operated on. Consider the pros and cons before opting for the best surgical procedure.

About the author:
This guest post is contributed by Zara, a financial guest blogger. At present she is focusing on ppi claims. Catch her at @financeport.


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