Jul 21, 2013

Soma Water Filter-- My Dream Water Filter

soma water filter

Soma water filter is what hit me like a bolt of lightning over the weekend when I did the rounds of opening up my email subscriptions to health sites. This is yet breaking news as it’s been just a week after its launching. Soma water filter is the first water filter in world history to ever come in a seemingly perfect package.
Consider its features:
Environmentally friendly
Research shows that there are 38 million water bottles being discarded around the world each year. We live in an increasingly plastic-laden world, partly because of our perfectly sensible effort to drink safe, purified water.
Soma water filter is the first water filter that’s made of biodegradable and compostable materials. What piqued me is that it is made of coconut shells, probably activated coconut shell (which I have been meaning to blog about many times but never got around to doing). I would have been more elated had they used coconut shells from the Philippines. Unfortunately, the coconut shell comes from Malaysia. But the point is that Soma water filter is made of organic materials, all the way from the water filter itself to the carafe. The filter is coconut shell while the carafe is made of corn silk. How cool is that? You can safely compost it, knowing that it will turn to organic matter that may even enrich your soil.

Exquisite design
Soma water filter is designed by a renowned water filter designer who comes with 3 decades’ worth of experience in designing boutique water filters for high-end stores such as Starbucks. As you can see, Soma water filter is stark minimalist, with clean lines and crystal-like transparency. It is designed for no-slip and comfortable grip and is light enough to lug along. The water filter-lid is no-spill.
Soma water filter has been called a revolutionary innovation in the water filtering business. With it, you can say goodbye to mineral water which gets leached by toxins from the plastic bottle. No more lugging around your own water everywhere you go. Simply bring your lightweight Soma water filter on your trips, refill at the next faucet you see and you can drink pure water.

Water filter with subscription
The Soma water filter comes with a subscription service and thus does away with those when-did-I-buy-this-water-filter-and-when-should-I-replace-it memory gaps. If you buy the Soma water filter, a new water filter is delivered to your doorstep every 2 months, corresponding with the replacement date of your old one. Did I tell you that you can, with good conscience, throw your old filter in the compost bin as it is biodegradable?

Social enterprise
Part of the proceeds from the sale of Soma water filter will go to projects aimed at providing clean water in Africa. This is one huge factor which drew many supporters towards Soma water filter.
Here is the Soma website, and the kickstarter.com feature on the Soma water filter project. It's an inspiring read.

Soma water filter is yet to be sold. I told ya, this is breaking news. I still don’t know if it is available for sale and shipping here in the Philippines. But I am excited.  I really believe it will be a gigantic hit. It's cool, clean and charitable. I hope the demand will be so great that they would end up buying coconut shells from the Philippines.

Best of all, I hope some Filipino inventor would just make a better and cheaper version of this. I'd be the first to buy.

Photo Credit: kickstarter.com


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